We Bring Knowledge
to Business

We support clients in achieving their business goals
by effective use of Business Intelligence systems
and solutions in the area of Data Governance.


We are one of the leaders on the Polish market in the areas of BI, AI and Data Science.


Business Intelligence

Comprehensive services of business analytics and implementationof the
best solutions for reporting centers
on the market.  


Data Science

We use machine learning
and artificial intelligence methods
to analyze the collected data. 


Data Governance

A data management concept
that will provide an organization
with high-quality information
throughout the data lifecycle.

We are where your business is


Take advantage of our experience

We have several years of experience in creating and implementing data analysis systems.

We combine industry, business and technological knowledge to develop solutions that help accelerate the digital transformation based on data.

In-depth knowledge of the most modern machine learning algorithms combined with industry experience allows us to implement solutions that effectively solve our clients' challenges.

Make decisions in Your organization based on accurate data

Having access to advanced and automated business analytics, you can make the right decisions much faster.
Build a data quality management strategy in your organization by selecting specialized tools that will bring real added value and have a positive impact on the development of your business.

We put emphasis on the methodology of project management, which enables the delivery of the highest quality solutions and significantly reduces the implementation time.

Customize the tools to Your needs

Efficiency and flexibility of operation, enabling the design of each system according to the needs of a specific customer. Each enterprise is different in terms of infrastructure, organization and resources.

At BI Insight, we are able to implement a system precisely tailored to the needs of the organization.

Technologies we use

IBM Watson

Wide range of services

of BI solutions

Audits of existing BI solutions
in terms of efficiency, compliance and financial effectiveness.

Reporting and analytical systems

Advanced data analysis services and their visual presentation based on the latest technologies.

Data warehouses
and Big Data

Building a data warehouse, depending on the data volume, expectations and financial possibilities of the client.

Data security in Oracle databases

Implementation of comprehensive database security solutions based
on Oracle solutions.


Ready-to-use products
to help expand your business

bi Data Quality Management

A specialized tool for analyzing and monitoring data quality in the area of important business processes of the company.

bi Master Data Management

A proprietary product used to collect and improve the quality of organization’s master data: suppliers or customers.


A system for building a central repository of text documents, presentations and multimedia files.

Build your business with valuable data
We are at your disposal. Find out more.


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