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Reduce risk, prevent fraud, and meet regulatory compliance requirements with a highly extensible and flexible platform that provides unmatched protection against fraud and money laundering.

Bottomline's CFRM solution

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Bottomline Compliance provides improvement of the anti-money laundering program, AML risk assessment, achieving effective compliance with international sanctions regulations, improving payment monitoring, identifying

to possible billing risk and automation of suspicious activity reporting.

It is fast, flexible and easy to expand with relatively low system complexity.

operational risk and prevent fraud.


Faster detection 
of suspicious money laundering activities thanks to real-time alerts and monitoring activity on customer accounts.

Getting a complete picture of the relationship between persons, groups and entities.

Easier to establish risk profiles and monitor high-risk customers or transactions that require additional scrutiny.

Streamlining the reporting process with a solution that can be tailored to the specific requirements of the national regulator.



  • Monitoring the behavior of customers, employees and other entities.
  • Profiling and alerting based on behavioral patterns and dynamic risk assessment.
  • Integrated sanction list management, including integration with third party lists, support for custom lists.
  • Visual mapping of connections between suspicious activities and users according to a series of variables with link analysis.
  • Automated identification and handling of cases requiring suspicious activity reporting (SAR).

Secure Payments

CFRM Secure Payments secures all types of payments, regardless
of the applications used and the channels through which the payments
are made. Thanks to the advanced analysis of user behavior
and the exploration of transaction flows with the use of machine learning,
the risk related to financial frauds is reduced.

Protect Payments
in various applications, channels and types of payment


It improves your ability to properly assess and reduce risk with cross-channel protection of all types of payments and applications.

Increases the efficiency and accuracy of fraud detection with technology based on extensive risk, compliance and payment knowledge.

It improves the productivity and accuracy of analyzes thanks to integrated rich visualization and tools supporting expertise.


  • It supports a wide range of applications (banking platforms, payment centers, service offices, TMS, ERP) channels (online and offline) and payment types (ACH, Bacs, Bill Pay, Check, Fedwire, FileAct, ISO 20022, SEPA, SIC4).
  • It intelligently profiles user activity on each account, detects deviations and notifies you in real time about suspicious activity.
  • It detects fraudulent payments in real time and blocks payments from being made.
  • It uses intelligent machine learning, rule-based detection, and behavioral profiling to provide multi-layered security that reduces the risk of fraud and false positives.
  • Comprehensive investigation center allows forensic analysts to easily adjust scoring parameters, calculation methods and alert thresholds Fully integrates with other Bottomline secure payment solutions (e.g. Secure Payment for SWIFT) to create an excellent fraud detection environment.

Internal Employee Fraud

An intelligent platform based on real-time user behavior analysis and machine learning.

Identify quickly 
and stop suspicious user activity thanks to in-depth analysis.


It allows you to get a complete picture by recording 
the activity of all users, including privileged IT users, 
with visual reproduction of each screen.

Reduces the time to analyze an investigation and improves efficiency in identifying, analyzing and documenting suspects behaviors.


  • Detects internal fraud, employee account hijacking and data leakage.
  • Real-time network security monitoring.
  • Captures a detailed audit trail of user behavior with visual reproduction of each screen in core business applications.
  • Analytical engine with intelligent machine learning and statistical profiling of users and comparison groups.
  • Correlates alerts with predictive risk scores.
  • Perfect for cases of employee abuse or the seizure of credentials.

Transaction Monitoring

The Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring module enables organizations to efficiently and accurately monitor financial transactions for suspicious activity, establish risk profiles, generate alerts and all necessary reports on regulatory requirements.

Fight quickly against intricate money-laundering 
to better meet regulatory requirements.


Detect faster money laundering activities faster with real-time alerts and tracking activity on customer accounts.

Get a complete picture 
of relationships between individuals and groups, allowing you to quickly spot suspicious activity.

Establish risk profiles and monitor high-risk customers or transactions that require additional scrutiny.

Streamlining the reporting process in the institution so that it complies with AML / CFT regulations.

Sanctions Screening

CFRM Sanctions Screening allows institutions to confidentially filter transactions against global sanction lists to ensure regulatory compliance. The solution aligns customers and transactions with internal and imported sanction lists (OFAC, FATF, NCCT, PEP, etc.) using advanced analysis and techniques to reduce risk and reduce false positives.

Reduce your risk
and increase the trust of the organization to comply with sanctions and anti-money laundering laws.


Comprehensive protection of your institution thanks to the integrated management of over 100 global sanction lists ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Detect suspicious activity faster with real-time alerts and a solution that tracks activity on customer accounts.

Higher efficiency by intelligently detecting direct and indirect links between accounts and customers.

Better control with the ability to adjust the level of precision required to identify and mark hits.

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