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Forecast business activities on an ongoing basis and decide based on the facts. Your data under the account

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Define the individual measures of your business activities. Monitor and analyse the most important KPIs of your business on an ongoing basis to react in time when the indicators exceed individually defined threshold values. Thanks to mobile access, you always have the current KPIs at hand, and you will receive notifications directly to your mobile device.

bi Controlling Management

Original solution supporting planning, forecasting and monitoring of KPI indicators

Mobile access to KPIs - TThanks to the use of WEB technology, the most up-to-date KPIs are available from any place and at any time on any mobile device: phone, tablet, or notebook.

Licensing model optimized to the scale and needs of the recipient:

  • on premise 
  • subscription

widok aplikacji mobilnej
Ipad - widok

Business benefits

Supporting decision-making and coordination functions in the decision-making process.

Notification and early warning about deteriorating business indicators.

Supporting departments responsible for supply chain management and production.

Distribution of any type of analysis and information about the plan and budget execution.

Ongoing monitoring of the basic financial and operational efficiency indicators.

The minimum time needed to implement and run the solution.

Nieograniczona liczba wskaźników

Unlimited number of KPIs

Depending on the requirements and needs, you have an unlimited possibility of defining KPIs and calculating detailed measures and dimensions within the adopted hierarchy, tailored to the structure of your company.

Trend analysis and reporting

Thanks to dynamic reports and charts, you not only can visualize the current state of the most important KPIs, but also analyse trends, on the basis of which you can determine the forecast of future results.

Analiza raportów
Zobrazowanie wyników na mapach odzwierciedlających strukturę geograficzną

Displaying the results on maps reflecting the geographical structure

Thanks to modern reports and the adopted hierarchy, you can read KPIs in the form of maps of geographic areas adapted to the field and organisational structure of your company.

Notifications and alerts

To monitor the achievement or exceeding of the set thresholds, you can define alerts individually for each indicator. You will receive alerts in the form of push notifications directly to your mobile device or by e-mail to your mailbox.

Powiadomienia i alerty
Definiowanie ról i hierarchii controllingowych

Defining roles and controlling hierarchies

Depending on the requirements, user hierarchy and individual needs, the bi Controling Manager will provide you with selective access to selected indicators and information in a strictly defined scope, e.g. limited to a selected department, division, or geographic region of your company.

bi CM - Specyfikacja techniczna

Integration with bi DQM and bi MDM tools

Thanks to the optimal cooperation with data quality analysis tools (bi DQM) and the integration of master data from many different sources (bi MDM), the bi Controlling Management system allows youto optimally use the valuable information resources of the business and minimise the risk of inconsistencies and irregularities in the source data.

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