Manage data quality

Improve data quality in order to fully use their potential, avoid risky decisions and save money.

Build a data quality management strategy in your organisation by selecting a specialised tool that allows you to formalise and define consistent rules for data quality management.


                                         bi Data Quality Management

bi DQM is a comprehensive solution for monitoring data flow, detecting irregularities, and measuring and improving the quality of data and processes.

Solution benefits:

Business benefit - increasing the company's revenues by improving the quality of customer service, ensuring faultless settlements with contractors, ensuring compliance with regulations (Recommendation D.8, Solvency 2, UOKiK (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) regulations, GDPR, AML).

Operational benefit - ensuring safe, correct and fully monitored processes of data supply and flow between various systems and databases. 

Monitor your most important data

Systematic and fully automated activation of data control mechanisms in multiple source systems.
Detection of irregularities, immediate error reporting and alerting in case of critical errors.
Support for master data, transactional data and business processes. Identifying liability for errors.
Easy and repeatable implementation of advanced data controls using reusable test types.

12 types of tests

Possibility to define, modify and view tests based on parameters entered by the user.


Test automation

Fully automated test execution for optimised and multi-threaded checks on large data sets



Graphical presentation of the test results in the form of dynamic reports with the possibility of aggregating and analysing trends.

Automatic distribution of information

Automated sending of reports to the e-mail addresses of designated users and business owners.

Multi-system test environment

Possibility to connect and test data from various sources.

Diversity of roles

Built-in authorisation system for individual users and roles in the verification process.

"Quality is when the customer comes back to us, not the product."

Functionalities of bi DQM

User desktop

The main panel of the system allows direct access to the results of performed tests in the form of a graphic dashboard and dynamic reports with the possibility of going into details.

Test repository

A collection of all tests containing a detailed test definition according to one of 12 categories, grouped into a three-step hierarchy:
Business area <
Business sub-area <
Data Quality Event <


Administrative Console

A panel intended for the biDQM system administrator, enabling technical parameterization of the processing environment, building a test hierarchy model, adding new users and granting authorisations to selected system functions, defining data sources to be tested.

Test trigger module

A panel enabling access to the parameterization of the schedules for launching individual tests, test groups gathered in business areas, sub-areas, events and distributed in individual baskets.

Configuration module

The main test configuration panel containing:
- a test definition section according to one of 12 categories,
- a section for assigning the test to the appropriate area, sub-area, event and basket.

Expand bi DQM capabilities
Check the quality of the data displayed in the report by integrating with bi Reports Daily

Provide consolidated master data sources by integrating with  bi Master Data Management

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