Automated Reports Distribution

Package extending the functionality of MS Power BI Report Server

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A solution dedicated to companies using MS Power BI Report Server

It is an alternative to cloud services with similar functionalities.

Available also as on-premises software

bi Reports Daily

Automated Reports Distribution:

  • Schedule of generating reports 
    Automatic sending of reports based on individual schedules
  • Possibility to choose a convenient report format
    PDF – visualizations of selected report tabs in graphic form.
    XLSX – tabular data and (optional) visualizations of selected report tabs 
  • Group reports 
    Sending uniform reports to a wide group of users
  • Individual reports 
    Sending dedicated reports containing only the scope of data intended for a specific user. Data limitation in the report is based on the e-mail address to which the report is sent.

Anonymous access to reports

  • Anonymous access to selected reports
    Possibility of using interactive reports in anonymous mode through the functionality of the proxy server. Only reports specified by the report server administrator are shared.
  • Reports on the company's portal 
    Access to reports on websites and intranets - without logging in 
  • Security
    Ensuring compliance with the rules of confidentiality and limited access to sensitive information

Business benefits

Important reports on time for users without having to generate them manually.

You send reports to whomever you want, wherever you want and as often as you want.

All data and reports remain securely locked in your network.

Public reports are shared conveniently and securely.

Easy implementation of row-level-security through a simple data access restriction mechanism.

In installations with a large number of end users, it reduces the cost of administering Power BI Report Server.


Lista harmonogramów

Schedule list

View created schedules as tiles or as a list.

The icons represent the document type (PDF / XLSX) and whether the report is individual or group report.

Schedule definition

Specify the frequency and dates of sending reports using a convenient graphic wizard.

Definicja harmonogramu
Konfiguracja harmonogramu

Schedule configuration

  • Select the report and tabs you want to present.
  • Select the frequency of generating the report.
  • Decide whether the report should contain limited data (individual report) or all recipients will see the same data (group report).


Send reports to whoever you want, wherever you want and so often as you wish. Be sure that important reports reach selected users on time, without having to generate them manually.

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