Master Data


Manage master data. Integrate master data from multiple sources.

Provide consolidated sources of master data about customers, products, and relationships between entities and derive the highest quality knowledge from them.

bi MDM

Centralised repository that is a reliable source of master data necessary for effective business operations.

Master Data Management

bi Master Data Management

An IT solution that performs consolidation, synchronization and unification of the master data processed in various systems of the organisation.

Centralised access

Thanks to the central repository, you have access to distributed information resources.

One-stop management

Enables immediate detection of inconsistencies in master data in different systems.

Cost optimisation

Automation of data linking processes minimises the workload of manual harmonization of various data sources.

Quality and reliability of data

Increasing the quality and reliability of data thanks to automatic filling in of missing data.

Consent management

Central register of customers ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements.

Golden customer record

One view of the distributed data of all customers.

Consolidate your most important data

Integration and aggregation of data from domain systems.

Implementation of GDPR requests, data anonymization.

Creation of a consolidated record - identification of data at the level of the entire organisation.

Selective management of access to selected data by users.

Central register of marketing approvals and restrictions.

Precise data search according to various criteria.

Data normalization and deduplication - high quality assurance.

Full audit trail of introduced changes at all stages of data consolidation.

Data cleaning, standardization and enrichment - data quality improvement.

Providing data to wholesalers, analytical systems and applications.

Consistent knowledge about customers as a generator of benefits

A wealth of data - Master Data Management

Jedno źródło danych

One data source

All data are centralized, structured and synchronized in the repository. Thanks to this, you will ensure the quality, compliance and security of your data.

Decyzje oparte o wiarygodne dane

Built-in integration processes supply the central database, eliminating duplicates and verifying the correctness of data based on reference databases. 

The system intelligently expands its knowledge base and calibrates the algorithms of fuzzy data merging based on user actions

Decyzje oparte o wiarygodne dane
Łatwe zarządzanie danymi podstawowymi

Easy master data management

Business relationship management 
(Customer Relationship Management) 

Support for strategic business decisions 
(Controlling & BI)

Comprehensive data, process and role management 
(Data Governance & Data Quality)

Compliance with AML regulations and security of sensitive data 

Efficient and fully scalable architecture tailored to the needs of the recipient.

The minimum time needed to implement and run the solution.

Convenient license model: subscription or on-premises

Expand bi MDM capabilities

Thanks to the optimal cooperation with the bi DQM data quality analysis tool, the bi MDM system not only integrates master data from many different sources, but also allows you to optimally use the valuable information resources of the business and minimise the risk of inconsistencies and irregularities in the source data.


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