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Visualize, observe, analyze, and optimize your digital customer journeys to increas engagement and maximize conversions​.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we analyze customer behavior in web and mobile applications.

Create thoughtful websites

Glassbox solution

The right observations are within reach

Automated analyzes are carried out in real time with the use of machine learning.

There are many predefined report types available. The visual representation of measures is unconventional, and at the same time it can be fully adapted to your needs.

Risk management and legal compliance

Glassbox provides corporate-level compliance with digital risk management software.

Thanks to the ability to record and store each session on the website and application, your organization is ready for an audit at any time.

Glassbox solution
Glasbox optimisation

Optimizing customer service

Reduce call time to the customer service center with real-time session playback. 

With an open API provided, call center representatives have the same access to essential information as IT has through instant access to session recording, helping to accelerate diagnosis and solution finding.

Call center employees see the session exactly as customers, and can guide them step by step to get a faster solution.

Get a real picture of customer behavior through session visualization and automatic data analysis

By using session repetitions and real-time data interpretation with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we connect IT and Analysis departments and discover the way the client interacts with your company.

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Glasbox solution forms

Optimize forms on websites

Get the customer service data you need across digital channels by researching the quantity and quality of interactions on each element of your website - whether it's a field, link, banner, or platform-specific element.

Evaluate the customer's real-time online experience

It is very important to be able to observe customer interactions with your website or mobile application.Unfinished online transactions don't just mean a loss of revenue. They can also affect customer loyalty and the results of customer loyalty surveys.

To optimize your online customer service, we detect every issue affecting your online transactions and can tell you the exact amount of money you intended to spend.

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