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We use machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to analyze the collected data.

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We guide our clients through a variety of data-related business solutions. By working with us, you can seamlessly automate processes, forecast events and optimize strategic decision making.

Automate, predict and drive innovation

Improve product quality
and user experience by analyzing the collected data.

Lower costs and increase profits by simplifying data architecture.

Make better decisions based on the powerful knowledge you draw from the data.

Identify new business opportunities by predicting behavior based on historical data.


We develop tailor-made and industry-specific solutions that enable you to use the latest technologies supporting
the development of your company.

Predictive modeling

We use advanced analytics based on data history to predict the likelihood of future events related to the activity. Advanced analytics include Statistical Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Text Analytics, Entity Analytics, Scoring real-time, machine learning and other techniques.

Business analysis

We transform internal and external data into insights and recommendations that lead to better business decisions giving our clients a competitive advantage. After understanding all specific market conditions, we analyze and identify the key factors behind them. Following these actions, we present our recommendations.

Discovering patterns and anomalies

We analyze large data sets in order to draw useful conclusions from them that support making good decisions or improving strategies. We determine whether the market is growing, stagnating or falling, and how fast. We identify anomalies that are common in various industries and sectors. Especially useful in the financial and e-commerce industries.

Automatic classification and segmentation

We use artificial intelligence to quickly analyze available information and classify it intelligently. By using machine learning to automate these tasks, we make the entire process super fast and efficient. Capturing the user's insight into the data classification process is critical to ensuring that decisions are made in the right context.

Discovering associations (connections)

Our methodology is aimed at discovering the most useful the relationship between the attributes that describe the objects that are found in a data set (database, warehouse). It includes association exploration, pattern exploration, association rule discovery, subgroup discovery, and emerging pattern discovery or discovering contrasts.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Thanks to natural language processing technology, we are able to quickly extract detailed information from documents. Using text analysis, we can create social media monitoring tools, tools for describing documents and filtering spam, identify key phrases and units, and gain insight into customer reviews. The possibilities of using NLP in business are endless.


  • Roadheader predictive maintenance


    Customer industry: Mining
    Problem: Given a load of time series data collected by onboard sensors of excavating equipment operated by the world largest silver mining company, provide a solution to decrease the number of unexpected machine breakdowns.
    Solution: Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) deep recurrent neural network capable of reliably estimating time to failure, that is the number of consecutive eight-hour-long shifts before the breakdown.
    Technology: Python (pandas, numpy), PyTorch, CUDA, Google Colab, Spark

  • Energy consumption forecast

    Customer industry: Energy Distribution
    Problem: Forecasting energy consumption for individual consumers in 15 minutes granularity up to 7 days ahead. Cold-start forecasting required to increase model robustness.
    Solution: Segmentation of consumption points based on time series of historical energy usage. Separate models (ARIMA, LSTM) were trained for each segment.
    Technology: Python, Oracle

  • Customer churn predict

    Customer industry: Insurance, Mobile Devices Protection
    Problem: Predict customers resigning from their insurance policies.
    Identify variables discriminating loyal and churning customers.
    Solution: Churn prediction models for mobile devices protection programs.
    Technology: Azure Machine Learning, Python 

What makes us stand out?

Knowledge and many years of practical experience 
(16 years on the market).
Deep understanding of data monetization models and techniques.​
A team of experienced specialists in the field of AI
and ML.​
Openness to industries and speed of acquiring specific business knowledge.
Close cooperation with the academic community. Contribution to the development of science and knowledge.​
Use of proprietary software components.​
Use of modern analytical tools and advanced logic.​
Dbałość o stałe poszerzanie swojej wiedzy i kompetencji.

Technology for business

We provide solutions based on the latest achievements of information technology, which enable our clients to obtain knowledge contained in the data so that they can make better decisions. Our working methods allow you to significantly reduce the risk of carrying out complex projects, accelerate the achievement of business benefits by customers, and reduce the costs of project implementation. The essence of this approach is to achieve the set goals in the shortest possible time while maintaining the required quality.

Why is a data analysis service needed?

Data science consulting services help companies automatically acquire knowledge and insights from a variety of big data sources. Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, in order to be able to make accurate and effective business decisions, you must base them on reliable observations and predictions.

Our team of data science experts will help you better understand your customers, personalize services, automate and streamline your business processes using advanced data-driven technologies. Most companies report growing revenues and cost reductions thanks to successful implementations of data science solutions.

Build your business with valuable data

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