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Forecast production and consumption of electricity and gas

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We use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for forecasting in distributed energy.

Our solution is dedicated to the energy and gas industry.

bi Energy Forecasting

The system enables the construction of a unified measurement database in terms of real data and forecasts for electricity and natural gas, which will receive high-quality data, developed on the basis of all data sources and external sources available in the organisation.

Enriched database

The system database is enriched with meteorological data, wind curves, solar
curves and Contractor details.

Automated processes

Automation of data retrieval, data cleansing and deduplication processes, ensuring that
the data are up-to-date and credible.

Support for various types of data sources

The system provides support for various types of data sources, i.e. database views, txt/xml/xls files, FTP/FTPs, WebServices.

User Interface

The interface enables managing configuration, master data, definition of forecasting hierarchies, building forecasts and presentation of results.

Data editing

Possibility to edit data and start data import directly on demand.

System functionalities

Meteo data

Possibility to import, export and edit the imported data. The user interface allows you to search the entered data and filter them. Filtering in details takes place on two planes:

  1. time granulation - quarters of an hour and hours.
  2. the weather factor - temperature, perceived temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness/sunlight.
Dane Meteo
Dane pomiarowe

Measurement data

The measurement data page allows you to import, export, edit and filter data collected in a table.
The detailed view of the measurement data allows you to see the graphical representation of the data along with the minimum and maximum profile, as well as a tabular summary showing the measurement value in the selected time frames and the data validation status. It is also possible to view data in granular time units - broken down into quarters of an hour and hours.


Possibility to view contracts with contractors, notifications and schedules.
Go to contract details and schedules.
Viewing contractor reports.

Krzywe wiatrowe

Wind curves

The ability to import and export wind curves and solar curves, as well as create your own curves based on real and meteorological data.
By viewing the details, it is possible to check the exact data on the individual curves. The detailed view shows a graphical representation of the wind force and power, as well as the corresponding table.

Hierarchy definitions

The list of measuring points can be viewed from four perspectives: customers, branches, tariffs and facilities. On each of these lists it is possible to filter, search and group the results. 
You can create your own hierarchies based on existing objects. Moving points to the created hierarchy is done by using buttons or using the "drag-and-drop" method.
In the edit window, it is possible to set the meteo data, the period of the concluded sales contract, as well as the associated graphics.

Definicje hierarchii
Modele prognostyczne

Forecasting models

The forecasting module includes a model library that can be viewed and extended. It shows all forecasting models, regardless of the forecasting process. The library can be supplemented, create clones of individual models by arranging hierarchies of models and add new ones. For the selected forecast quantity, all defined hierarchies are available.

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